Greeting from the President

This Right Hand Foundation (Henceforth to be referred to as “RHF”), was established using funds provided by a philanthropist who shall remain nameless. This philanthropist has the desire to see his own personal wealth used to contribute to society and help the public, and thus entrusted his monetary funds to RHF.

In recent years, with the growing economic disparity and the increasing complexity of labor and living environments in countries around the world, many people are living with not only economic problems, but also emotional and mental stress. In such an environment, there is a trend of thinking that a satisfying life can only be measured by money. However, RHF’s viewpoint is contrary to this trend.

For this reason, the purpose of this foundation’s activities are as follows. “We aim to comprehensively contribute to the soundness of local communities and to the improvement in the quality of people’s lives through various activities, including the construction of a platform that allows organizations or individuals involved in social and cultural contribution activities to carry out such activities continuously.”

We believe that in order to increase the level of happiness and satisfaction in life, there are profound elements, such as ways of thinking and good moral standards that directly affect the mind and heart, that have a big impact. When these elements are considered deeply and efforts are made to apply a good moral standard to everyday life, we believe a much higher quality of life and happiness can be achieved that cannot be bought with money.

Today, all around the world there are people from various backgrounds who are working hard to help others to apply the things mentioned above.

This foundation refers to those participating in this work as “Social Contributors”. We believe that we can achieve our goal of comprehensively contributing to the soundness of local communities and the improvement in the quality of people’s lives through the support of these social contributors who are active around the world.

September 2020
Chairman of the Board
The Right Hand Foundation

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