Announcement of RHF Scholarship Program for 2020

The enrollment of RHF Scholarship Program for year 2020 has been closed.

The following「Application Guidelines for RHF Scholarship Program for year 2020」is for reference only since the enrollment time has been closed.

We at Righthand Foundation (RHF) are pleased to announce our Scholarship Program for those who leave their countries and work overseas as social contributors. RHF will provide a scholarship for learning a new language of the destination country.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2020, and the first disbursement of the scholarship fund will start from April 1, 2020. The maximum scholarship fund is JPY 300,000 for each person, which will be awarded for 1 (one) year study term.

Please understand that we are not able to answer any questions about our selection process, reasons for not receiving the scholarship award, etc.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

● You need to be physically and mentally healthy, able to attend the language school class and social contributor’s activities afterward.
● You must be a qualified and active social contributor at present and in the future.
● You must have clear/specific goals and plans regarding your works as a social contributor.
● You are in need of this scholarship fund to pay your tuition fee.

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